Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to Hollywood Photography

Thank you for stopping by Hollywood Photography! Here is a little about me and what you can expect from this blog.

My Equipment
I am have enjoyed taking pictures with simple point-and-shoot cameras for years, and two months ago I decided I wanted my pictures to "grow up," so I invested in my first dSLR camera, a Nikon d60. The lenses I shoot with are Nikon 18-55 mm (kit lens), 55-200 mm (telephoto) and 50 mm (portrait lens). I recently bought a speed flash, but seldom use it yet. My photos are edited with PhotoShop Elements 7, but I am still a newbie at it also.

Why "Hollywood Photography"
I tried many different blog names, all which were taken. I wanted something more than Amanda Padgett Photography, so I decided to go with a local name. No, I do not live anywhere near Hollywood in California, nor do I live in Hollywood, SC. But, the rural community where I live, outside of a rural small town is called Hollywood, so I chose that. If I ever get experienced enough to do any professional jobs, the name with transfer over here (in real life) well.

My Subjects
Most of my pictures will be of kids, farm life, flowers, and travels. I am the mom of four children, ages 11 to 3.5, so they provide me with lots of photo opportunities, as do the cows in my back yard (kidding, but not really).

Where Else You Can Find Me
I have already been sharing some picture at my personal blog, Moving Forward. Also, you can find me at my blog about blog designs, Beautiful Blog Designs. And, lastly you can find me at my online catalog for Usborne Books, for which I am a consultant and supervisor.

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